Our name is inspired by Shakespeare’s Fools ( As You Like It, II, vii ) who instructed and simultaneously amused. They were the only members of society who possessed the acumen, insight and engaging delivery to speak the truth to the King or Queen without having their heads lopped off. For you the King or Queen of your business, we offer salient guidance and compelling engagement while distilling the essence of your core business values. 

Tomfoolery Design is an award winning, New Orleans based multi-disciplinary Design Studio founded by Thomas Williams & Chris Wertz. We specialize in branding, creative direction, copy writing and strategic design. We work within a wide scope of projects ranging from corporate identities, advertising, interactive websites, editorial layout and packaging. We offer our clients a creative and competitive edge in their respective industries.

If you're interested in dialing in on and optimizing your core business functions to significantly increase the imapct of your Brand, we'd love to hear from you : antics@tomfoolerydesign.com